Iceland Supermarket Introduces Innovative Air Fryer Food Aisle

London, June 19, 2023 – Iceland, a leading supermarket chain, is revolutionizing the shopping experience by trialing a dedicated aisle exclusively catering to food that can be prepared in air fryers. With the soaring popularity of these energy-saving ovens, the supermarket aims to provide customers with easy access to a wide range of air fryer-compatible products.

The innovative aisle, which will be operational from June 19 for a week, is located in the Food Warehouse outlet in Charlton, London. It boasts an impressive selection of approximately 287 food items specifically designed for air fryer cooking. Customers will find a variety of delectable options, including renowned products like Greggs sausage rolls and steak bakes, as well as cod fillets, chicken fillets, and French fries.

The introduction of this groundbreaking aisle aligns with the findings of a survey conducted by Iceland and energy supplier Utilita. The survey revealed that an astounding 46% of Britons have either personally purchased an air fryer or had someone in their household acquire one within the last five years. Furthermore, 44% of air fryer owners reported using their traditional ovens less frequently, showcasing the growing appeal and utility of air fryer cooking.

Iceland’s initiative not only caters to the evolving preferences of its customers but also highlights its commitment to promoting energy-efficient cooking methods. In line with this vision, the supermarket has previously pledged to update cooking instructions on packaging for nearly 300 relevant brand products, incorporating energy-saving guidelines.

Richard Walker, the Executive Chairman of Iceland Foods and The Food Warehouse, expressed enthusiasm about this latest development, stating, “We pride ourselves on staying attuned to our customers’ needs and adapting to their changing shopping trends with fresh ideas. Introducing the world’s first air fryer aisle at our Food Warehouse is another exciting example. As the popularity of air fryer cooking grows, this aisle will give customers easy access to products that work perfectly with this time and energy-saving cooking appliance.”

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Utilita, the energy supplier involved in the survey, conducted additional research that indicated households could save an average of £80.50 per year by transitioning from electric cookers to air fryers. Archie Lasseter, the Head of Sustainability at Utilita, praised Iceland’s efforts in promoting energy conservation and encouraged other supermarkets to follow suit.

The survey conducted by Iceland and Utilita involved polling 2,000 UK adults between May 5 and 15, while another survey conducted by Censuswide involved 2,000 UK adults between June 12 and 14. With Iceland’s forward-thinking approach to meet the demands of modern consumers, the introduction of the air fryer food aisle is expected to be met with excitement and anticipation from customers seeking convenient and energy-efficient cooking options.

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