Iceland Continues Store Closures Across the UK

By Ruby Flanagan, Money Reporter

In a series of closures that began earlier this year, two more Iceland stores are set to shut down permanently by the end of this month. The popular frozen food chain had previously announced its plans to close several locations as part of its restructuring strategy.

The closure spree commenced in February, with the Mill Lane store in Bromsgrove and the Chineham Shopping Centre in Basingstoke being the first to shut their doors. March witnessed the closure of four additional supermarket sites.

Most recently, Iceland’s Flint store in Wales ceased operations on May 27. The next affected location is the Iceland branch in Hitchin town centre, which is scheduled to close on Saturday, June 10, at 4 pm.

Following soon after, the Beccles branch in Suffolk will bid farewell to its customers on June 17, attributing the closure to a decline in business at the store. The Beccles site, which opened its doors in 2013, was the 800th Iceland store in the UK. After its closure, shoppers in Beccles will need to travel to Lowestoft to access Iceland products.

The total number of Iceland closures for this year will reach 11 with the upcoming Beccles closure. However, Iceland remains optimistic about its overall performance, stating that it continually reviews the retail experience provided to customers and has opened a significant number of new stores. The company currently operates over 1,000 stores, including its Food Warehouse outlets, and reports strong trading performance.

The possibility of more store closures later in the year remains uncertain. Iceland’s spokesperson emphasized the company’s commitment to local economies, highlighting the continuous growth of their retail estate over the past decade.

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To check the nearest Iceland store location, customers can use the store locator tool on the Iceland website.

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